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Many people are not aware of all the tax deductions they can claim.  Often the fee paid to a tax agent is well worth it!

Your tax agent will guide you through a tax interview to identify all income and deductions which should be included in your tax return.

Some details generally required are:

• Copy of last year’s tax return (unless your tax agent already has it on file)
• Employer PAYG Payment Summary, also known as “Group Certificate”
• Centrelink payment statements, if applicable
• Bank statements showing interest earned for year to 30th June
• Dividend statements (including dividend reinvestment schemes)
• Documents relating to any employee share schemes
• Any other income received, eg Managed Fund Statements
• Private Health Insurance – annual summary
• Donations receipts
• Receipts for any work related purchases you wish to claim, eg union fees, tools, memberships, seminars, stationery, diary, travel, materials, uniform or protective shoes/ boots etc
• Receipts for laptops, tablets or computers and any repair/maintenance of these eg, antivirus software, work related software, UBS sticks, etc
• Details of personal phone or internet plans where there is some work use
• Car log book or diary records of km travelled
• HECS or FEE-HELP statement, if applicable
• Annual statement for tax deductible Income Protection Insurance
• Last year’s tax agent fees if prepared by another tax agent
• BSB & Bank Account number for tax refund
• Spouse details (if applicable) and their estimated taxable income
• If you have changed your name, please bring one of the following: Medicare Card, Marriage Certificate, Passport, Drivers License, or Change of Name Certificate

Other information which may be required:

• Capital Gains Tax: details of shares or investments; property bought or sold
• Rental Property: Income & Expenses Statements or Schedules, property details
• Self-Education expenses where your study directly relates to your work
• Small Business – details of all business income, expenses and capital items purchased


This information will help your tax agent get started and if any other information is needed for your particular situation, they will let you know.

Tax time should not be a headache, so if you are tearing your hair out about tax…let an expert help you.  Happy New Financial Year!



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